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Award winning Kurnia Aerial Photography and videography provide a wide range of commercial aerial photography services such as stills (up to 20.8 MP) and broadcast-quality video up to 5.2K in ProRes and CinemaDNG RAW. Our work is carried out using Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), commonly known as 'Drones', 'Quadcopters', 'Hexacopters', 'UAVs', 'UASs', so we are able to work in areas that full size helicopters or fixed-wing aircraft cannot fly and consequently offer greater operational flexibility for low level work from 2ft to 400ft. With our aircraft we can provide you your solution.


Kurnia Aerial Photography offers a method of achieving difficult photographic objectives at altitudes above the range of land-based booms, cranes and aerial platforms and lower than conventional helicopters. Our camera can be precisely positioned in the sky and can be flown to position and automatically held there long enough to take still photographs or HD video at height and close up to the subject.


We can quickly and easily deploy at short notice and are able to take off from almost any reasonably sized space, making this type of photography perfect for low level shots and exacting tasks where alternative photographic capture methods are unsuitable.


We hold a valid Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) permission (PfCO), CAA ID 287, to conduct aerial work and have public liability insurance for up to £5 million in place, both legally required to operate UAV’s within UK airspace.  Our PfCO also permit us to fly at night and we also hold a CAA OSC that permits us to fly closer than normal to objects that are not under our control and also to with 75m of an organised assembly of 1,000 people or more that are not under our control.


In partnership with Yellow Belly Telly we can also provide filming services from the ground and professional video editing if required.


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